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Color Tone:
Crystal-like, fashionable color coatings, especially the gold coating infinitely closely approximating true gold.

Uniformity of Color:
Superior color uniformity and appearance are excellent through the use of highly accurately controlled vacuum equipment.

Abrasion Resistance:
High abrasion resistance is assured by hard coating.

Our company offers a variety of stainless steel plates of different origins, sizes and thicknesses.

Country of origins:



Specification: Cold Rolling Stainless Steel
Hot Rolling Stainless Steel
Steel Grade: SUS201, SUS304, SUS316, SUS430 
Standard:  ASTM A240/480, AISI 304, JIS 304
Thicknesses:  0.8mm - 10mm
Maximum size:   2000mm x 5000mm
Post-stage: Anti-fingerprint processing
  High-grade color
  Stainless steel sheet cutting and buckling


Stainless steel plates are divided into hot rolled and cold rolled according to the method of production.  The following is a comparison about it.
Hot-rolled stainless steel plate
Cold-rolled stainless steel plate
Hardness Low High
Finish Easy Relatively harder
Plasticity/ Ductility Good plasticity and ductility Hard to deform
Intensity Low High
Surface quality Poor surface quality
(Easily oxidized)
High surface quality
Thickness Medium - Heavy Thin